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Ortelius Advisors, L.P., an activist hedge fund group investing in U.S. securities, was founded in 2015 by Peter DeSorcy and H.R.H. Prince Pavlos. The firm’s principals also include Alexander Lu and Tiffany Chiu.


While employing a research-intensive, fundamental-based investment approach, and pressuring companies to implement corporate and/or capital structure changes, Ortelius seeks to generate returns primarily from the “manufacturing” of alpha, as shareholder value is unlocked. Generally, Ortelius will target holding companies, or conglomerates with disparate business segments, whose “sum-of-the-parts” is worth significantly more than the current market price. 


In conjunction with precipitating catalysts which jettison financial inefficiencies, Ortelius intends to make sizable investments in businesses whose asset values and free cash flows are materially underappreciated in the marketplace.


Events will typically include spin-offs, split-offs, carve-outs, asset sales, divestitures, bankruptcies, liquidations, acquisitions, changes in corporate and capital structures, share repurchases, recapitalizations, re-financings, capital expenditures cycles, cost reductions, new products, unit sales growth, a favorable pricing environment and positive developments in profitability.

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